About Us

Gesso Paanel established  in the city of Kazan in 2014. Being brought from the Turkish market in a special way, realizes production of 3D panels which has a highest strenght. Gesso Panel is safe for human health and in terms of production does not harm the environment. Also constantly working on research and development to production and adding new products. Thanks to special developers there is creation of new models which  hold the leading position in its sector.


Chairman of the board of directors  has been  working in Turkey for 15 years in the scope of décor of internal and external  facade. All the work on research and development Gesso Panel realizes inside its structure and adds to the sector experience, gained in Turkey.


Gesso Panel, principle of which is producing the most solid and stable materials in the decorative wall surface in the sector, will continue to provide its services with its innovations.



+ 7(843) 522 0454

GSM: +79874101414


Адрес: 421001 Г. КАЗАНЬ, ул . Адоратского, 3